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Giving your Trade Show Exhibit “The Green Effect”

This infographic titled “Giving your Trade Show Exhibit “The Green Effect” aims to highlight the importance of green trade show displays. It seeks to showcase the benefits of sustainable green trade show displays . Since ‘Go Green’ is the motto of every company today, it is important that every organization must try to project their image as the one who cares for the environment. Green trade show exhibits is one of the steps towards that direction.

Trade Show Exhibit

The Green Effect

Ways to be greener at your next trade show

Did You Know?

  • Common trade show booths are loaded with toxic chemicals.
  • The flooring, drapes, boards, paints, adhesives all contain volatile organic compounds and non-biodegradable substances that have the capacity to poison and choke the environment and endanger human health.
  • The trade show industry is considered the second most unsustainable industry in the world.
  • Trade shows generate 600,000 tons of waste every year.

But trade shows are essential for business and they are here to stay…

Go-Green with Eco Exhibits

Displaying Green

1: Eco-friendly Displays

Trade show displays are often made of plastic, aluminum or metal. But eco System displays are eco- friendly and have an amazing innovative design for specific needs of each company.

2: Green Flooring Solutions

Bamboo, cork, sisal, sea grass and wood are some of the materials used for making green floors.

3: Eco walls

Eco walls are 100% printable and are reusable. This saves costs.

4: Greener printing

Environmental printing includes low VOC inks and eco materials.

5: Eco-friendly promotional products

Use eco friendly promotional products as giveaways for visitors.

7: Small changes make big differences

Make sure you recycle your trade show materials at the end of the event.

8. Save Energy

Use energy-efficient lighting. LED lighting decreases power consumption up to 90%.

Shipping Green

  1. Lightweight exhibits make shipping companies use less energy delivering the booths and stands to their next show.
  2. By using eco friendly packing and shipping supplies – like recyclable packing peanuts and boxes made from recycled materials – you can get your booth there safe and sound.

Marketing Green

Install a quick-response (QR) code on your trade show booth so that attendees can scan them with their smartphones. These bar code like squares hold information, which gets represented as a mobile site after a device reads the code. This will help attendees who can access key company and product information without the clutter.

Traveling Green

  1. Reduce the amount of energy and resources needed to fly passengers and cargo across the country by packing light so the plane won’t burn as much fuel

  2. Request a hybrid or electric vehicle from the rental services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use eco friendly banner displays and booths to reduce waste produced.
  • Use recycled packing materials and lightweight displays to use less energy shipping the booth.
  • Use technology to reduce the amount of waste created by pamphlets and other literature.
  • Traveling green shows a company’s commitment to maintaining an eco friendly trade show.
GogreenDisplays- Info Graphic

Ways to be Greener at your next trade show

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Make your presence felt with trade show display stands

Whenever we visit different trade shows, fairs and exhibitions, we see a lot of trade show display stands showing some content regarding particular products and services. These stands are placed there to attract potential customers and inform them about specific news and updates. They are settled on a place where they catch all eyes and make their presence felt by all. Whenever people pass beside the stands, their curiosity increases and they get compelled to read the information displayed on them. Even, a single glimpse of stand attract audience to them. That is why they play an important role in sending strong and catchy messages to masses at various events and occasions.

Portable trade show booths

Whether it is a promotional event or launching of a new product, trade show display stands play a vital role in fulfilling the needs of both individuals and businesses. Being portable, easy to handle and custom, these portable display products can be settled on any surface: even, stiff, rigid or uneven. Sales and marketing teams can use these display products as an effective weapon to reach to their target audience in an amicable manner. Unlike other display products, display stands are easy to install, cost-effective, custom and pocket-friendly.


Greener trade show displays: A Need of the Time

With ever changing ecological conditions both individuals and business sector have moved to selling, making and purchasing of commercial and domestic products and services that are environmentally safe. Green, environmental and eco-friendly products are in huge demand as they put a positive impact on our show displays GoGreen Displays

Nowadays, more display product making business enterprises are rendering eco-friendly display solutions to their customers in the form of recycled products. Recycled products are the best alternative that can help environment retain its originality and natural rhythm. Green products displays contribute in making environment the best place to live in and survive. Sustainable forestry, clean air, energy efficiency, water preservation and conservation, and healthy living are some of the well known benefits of using greener products. Greener trade show display products are a direct answer to negative effects of global warming, pollution, exploitation of natural resources and ecological imbalance. When it comes to using greener interactive, communicative and effective products in trade fairs, shows and exhibitions, greener trade show displays play a vital role in accomplishing business as well as environmental needs because they are made of 100% renewable, recyclable, and sustainable materials such as sorghum, bamboo, recycled PET plastic, recycled cardboard and biodegradable foam board.