Create More Eco-Friendly Exhibits

Creating an eco-friendly display involves multiple elements including materials and an overall strategy.

Take Steps to exhibit greener: Green Exhibit Tips

Utilize Greener Exhibit Materials: Utilize Greener Exhibit Materials

Use Green Flooring: Use Green Flooring

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions contribute to the growing problem of climate change. Tradeshow and Exhibit Transportation create significant carbon emissions through truck transportation of exhibits. In addition, attendees travel to venues and the venues use of energy all contribute to the carbon footprint of an event.

Calculate your Carbon Footprint:
Carbon Calculator

Reduce your carbon emissions: Carbon Reduction Tips

Offset those emissions you can't reduce: Buy Carbon Offsets

Make your Events Greener

To make an event greener demands a comprehensive approach that includes the venue, transportation, housing, and catering.

Green Events Glossary:

Try these meeting ideas: Green Meetings Report

Follow the EPA guide for events: EPA Guide for Events

Utilize a green planning guide: 6 Steps to greener events and meetings

Utilize Green Printing

Printing represents a significant opportunity to improve the eco-friendliness of an event. It is important to understand the source of materials, the ink utilized, the amount of VOC's produced in production, and the reyclability of the materials after use.

Understand Green Printing: Green Printing

Utilize Green Materials:
Green Materials

Employ Green Inks:
Green Inks



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