Who are we?

Let’s start with whom we are not… We are not granola loving, Birkenstock wearing, tree huggers. Not that we have anything against any of these people, but we believe in being honest with ourselves and our customers up front.

We are business people and we are realists. Every display project is composed of many elements that need to come together in order for it to be successful. Being green is only one of those many elements. We also care about the other elements including costs, innovation, and visual appeal.

We know that the environment deserves to be preserved. Anything we can do, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Today, we believe that trade show display consumers get little guidance on how they can make their trade show display greener. We want to be a resource and a partner as we embark on a journey of making our planet a little healthier.

We know that there is an opportunity to make trade shows greener. Not for the sake of just saying we are green, but because we know it is the right thing to do. According to the EPA, trade shows are the #2 producer of waste (behind construction). We can do better.

Go Green Displays is all about the journey. We are dedicated to be the leader in green display solutions. Today, there are more options than yesterday. But, tomorrow there will be even more and better ones available. We are constantly searching the market to discover new and innovative ideas that simply make great displays, with the added benefit of being more eco-friendly.

Let’s begin the journey together…