Banner Stand which is Environment Friendly

Use environment friendly banner stand at the trade shows which show that your company is vigilant towards the environment and helps in preserving the natural resources rather than exploiting it. The green banners or the environment friendly banner are made up of recyclable and natural resources which help in conserving the natural resources.

The environment friendly Banner Stand can be used at trade shows, exhibitions and at other places in order to display your merchandise. The material used in the banner stand includes recycled aluminium, bamboo and various other natural resources. The website deals in natural made display stands, green banners and other such products that can help you to advertise your company or to display your products and services.

The frame of these products is made up of aluminium that can be folded and carried easily. Because of this, the environmentally friendly banner stand is also called retractable banner stand. The website has various different types of retractable display stand or green banners for the companies which are vigilant towards the environment. These include the panda stand, panda L stand and Teton.

The Panda retractable banner stands is mostly made up of renewable resource that includes bamboo. The printing process used is 100 % natural and environment friendly. These environmentally friendly banner stands are durable and comes in padded cotton bags that are also eco friendly.

Like the Panda displays, the Panda L displays are also made of renewable resources and uses eco friendly printing process. These green banners are light in weight and are highly durable. Because of their light weight, it is very easy to carry the Eco Friendly Banner Stand and set them up wherever you want.

The Teton banner stand is cheap, environment friendly and highly useful banner stand that uses natural resources. Cotton fabric or Polypropylene is used in the banner. The VOC ink is used for printing and aluminium is used as base to make this banner stronger and more durable. You are also provided with energy efficient LED lighting facility that can be used with this banner.

For more information on these low cost environmentally friendly banner stands, you can log on to gogreendisplays. The website can help you to learn more about the display stands and to get customised and useful green banner for yourself.