Eco Exhibits: Get Set Go

Today, more and more corporations are trying to show their commitment towards environment preservation. This has become important because customers also look up to those businesses which show concerns for the environment. There can be no better way to show this concern than to go for the trade show exhibits. Trade shows attract a lot of people. You can attract them to your booth using eco-exhibits.

Eco exhibits include green pop up displays, simple green displays and table top green displays. They are made from recycled, renewable and environmentally safe materials. You can get some of the best eco-exhibits for your trade show at .

The website offers you sustainable trade show exhibits in the form of Bambooth. It is a booth frame that is made from bamboos which can be used for a long time. Bamboo wood is a rapidly renewable resource. You can also attract people to your booth using the Glacier Aluminum Extrusion System. It can be reconfigured and customized, many a times to suit your requirements. People will appreciate your concern for environment, as it is an eco-friendly modular trade show exhibit that can be constructed using recycled aluminum frame, graphics printed on fabric made from recycled yarn, bamboo, recycled PET plastic, cardboard and bio-degradable foam board.

The green pop-up displays that consist of a collapsible aluminum frame can be a major attraction in the trade show. The aluminum frame used can be recycled. It expands to create a backwall for attachment of eco-friendly graphics or recycled soda-bottle fabric. They are quick to set up, easy to use and highly cost-effective.

If you are looking for some attractive displays at trade show, it can be made possible using Xpressions. They provide three-dimensional graphics which help to attract people to your booth. They consist of lightweight aluminum framework with fabric produced from recycled soda bottles. You can either go for the pyramid shape or the square.

All these Eco- Exhibits help you to save on energy costs as they use LED lighting. Up to 90% of the energy can be saved by using this lighting.

If you opt for green trade show displays, you can also save on energy costs. This is because all the above trade show displays use LED lighting that reduces energy usage up to 90%. In addition, Eco-friendly LED is more efficient and last longer than standard bulbs and track lighting. For more information on eco-exhibits, log on to