Eco Friendly Trade Show Booths: Key Aspects

Eco friendly trade show booths are the need of the hour. With increasing awareness regarding global warming, the need for eco friendly trade show booths has increased. Companies are continuously looking for eco friendly trade show displays for a number of reasons. These eco friendly trade show booths not only help curb environmental pressures but also ensure a so called “social responsibility” message is also communicated to the clients or potential clients. Here is a list of some vital features that will help you understand key components of eco friendly trade show booths in more detail.

Carpet Flooring: This is something very important. Without a slightest of doubt, we all would agree that carpet is one of the most important component of eco friendly trade show booths. The reason behind is simple. Footing results in increasing carbon foot prints. Hence, it is important that the right flooring be provided. Modern carpet is made from a synthetic fiber which companies can easily melt down and recycle. The old melted fibers are re-dyed and reconstituted into carpet, which can then be cut on demand. Most good trade show flooring companies will keep enough stock on hand that you should never have to wait very long for the shade of carpet you are looking for to be in stock. The resulting recycled carpeting option is durable, attractive, and also good for the environment. This type of carpet may have a slightly smaller color variety than the non-recycled version, but at around 16 colors to choose from, this option is still a very good one. Typically, the variety of colors is sufficient, particularly since trade show exhibit flooring need not be overly complex. It is likely that designers will find an appealing shade to harmonize with the rest of their booth from this palette. In addition, the best and most ecologically conscious manufacturers will offer information to help clients recycle the carpet when they are done using it.

Rubber Flooring: If light weight products are the core zone of your trade show, then make sure that rubber flooring are made part of your eco friendly trade show booths. These ensure that less pressure exerted upon the booth and hence the longevity and durability factors are well served.

I hope these inputs help you choose the right eco friendly trade show booths.

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