Eco System Displays for Perfect Trade Show

Trade shows are very important for enterprises to showcase their products and services and establish a face-to-face interaction with their prospective clients. Eco System displays are widely used by business organizations to bring the maximum traffic to their booth in a trade show. These eco exhibits are successful in attracting people primarily for their eco friendly nature. By using such kind of displays, it becomes easier for business organizations to build a positive brand image that helps in promising a long term growth for the organization.

The environmentalists all across the world have generated a huge consensus amongst masses regarding environmental preservation for the sake of humankind. This has made business enterprises to join hands with their prospective customers in making the world green. Eco System displays have helped them to fulfill their dream of getting an environment-friendly image. Customers have also started preferring those brands, which show their commitment to preserve the environment. The basic characteristics of the eco-system displays used in trade shows, which may help your organization to win the appreciation of your prospective customers are enumerated below:

  • The trade show eco exhibits make use of LED lighting, which helps in saving the energy up to 90%.

  • The eco system displays are made from recycled soda bottles, bamboo, recycled aluminum frame, recycled PET plastic, cardboard, bio-degradable foam board, recycled yarn and other such environment friendly materials.

  • The text written on the fabric, which are attached to the eco exhibits use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) inks.

Apart from their inherent quality of being eco-friendly, the eco-system exhibits are also attractive in terms of their shapes, sizes and colors. For instance, you can go for very attractive displays known as “Xpressions”. These are three-dimensional displays that come in numerous shapes such as pyramid, 3×3 squares and 4×3 squares. Another popular choice can be green banner stands made of bamboos. Such banner stands are not only easy to set up, but also easy to use. Green pop-up displays featuring collapsible aluminum frame is also very popular in trade shows. Also, vibrant colors and graphic designs can be used to match the green eco exhibits. All these eco system displays make your booth look different from that of your competitors, helping you to attract your prospective customers, who are attending the trade show.

The cost effectiveness of these eco displays also make them very desirable for trade shows. This way, you can think of participating in many trade shows without feeling any burden on your budget.