Green Exhibit- The Best Way To Stand Apart In A Crowd

In today’s cut throat competition, every business organization is trying hard to make its brand and corporate image stand apart in the crowd. They want their customers to have a favorable perception about their company. As a result, they are always looking for some unique way to present their products and services, which will not only attract prospective customers to their brand, but also project a positive brand image for the company in the market. That may be the reason why green exhibits are becoming so popular at trade shows.

Trade shows have always been a favorite choice amongst business organizations for displaying their products and services. As many business houses participate in such trade shows, it becomes very important to make your booth as uniquely attractive as possible. Green exhibits can help you to go a long way in attracting traffic to your booth in a trade show. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, green exhibits are highly appreciated by customers for their eco-friendliness. As more and more people are becoming aware of environmental issues, it will always pay to project your company as an environmentally responsible organization by going for such eco exhibits. The second reason is the availability of wide variety of green exhibits that are not only attractive, but also cost effective, quick to set up and easy to use.

Some of the popular green exhibits that have been used by business enterprises in trade shows are the following:

  • Green pop-up displays: Consisting of a collapsible aluminum frame that can be recycled, these pop-up displays can be a real attraction in a trade show. They can be easily expanded to create a backwall where you can attach eco-friendly graphics or recycled soda bottle fabric printed with your company name, logo, message or product/service description.

  • Glacier Aluminum Extrusion System: This is a modular green exhibit, which can be custom built to suit your requirements. This means, you can construct them using a wide range of eco-friendly materials such as recycled aluminum frame, bamboo, recycled PET plastic, cardboard, bio-degradable foam board, fabrics made from recycled yarn.

  • Banner Stand: A retractable banner stand made of bamboo is a great choice to make people aware about your commitment to environment preservation. Such banner stands make use of cotton fabric utilizing low VOC inks.

Similarly, there are many other options available in green exhibits. You can choose the one that suits your requirements and helps your booth to stand out in the crowd.