Sustainable Trade Show Displays

Go green is the new and attractive agenda nowadays. Companies are more inclined towards adopting novel ways to conduct eco friendly and sustainable business activities leading to reduce the waste materials and to make the earth greener and healthier. If you are into trade show business then going for sustainable trade show displays is the best option. Some of the points to be kept in mind while undertaking the green agenda include:

  • Renewable materials- You should make use of eco-friendly, bio degradable and renewable sources of products and materials as this will help in eliminating the harmful and unnecessary waste and emissions. You can make use of bamboo cabinets and counters instead of other usual materials used in the trade shows.

  • Recycled materials- You should also make use of those materials which can be recycled again. Hence this practice will save your money. You can make use of materials like soda bottles in walls and fabrics and vehicle tires in the creation of flooring. You can also use aluminum as a material for your sustainable trade show displays.

  • Energy saving features- Instead of using excessive print materials and DVDs, you can use Green Banner Stands and metal halide lighting. You can also make use of fuel cells and solar panels that convert convention center lighting into electricity.

  • Non-toxic and low emitting substances- Such Sustainable Trade Show Displays substances should be taken into use for your trade show displays.

Usually trade shows are one of the ways to attract millions of people. This gives you a opportunity to view your products and services to them however if you associate the green symbol with all your products and services then people will find you credible and reliable. Generally green trade shows include pop up display, eco-friendly exhibits and green banners Eco Friendly Exhibits. Some of the other biodegradable and recycle materials which you can use in your sustainable trade show displays include aluminum, graphics on a fabric material, renewable yarn, cardboard, eco friendly foam board and recycled PET plastic.

Some people think that by going green in their trade shows displays they would not be able to give their booths a magnificent look. However the truth is that biodegradable materials can make your displays booths more attractive and artistic. One can also carry some reincarnation program to reduce the volume of retired exhibit materials reaching landfills and decreasing the release of greenhouse gases and carcinogens.