Use Sustainable Banners To Say That You Care

These days you can find a huge variety of trade show displays such as Sustainable banners, Eco Friendly Exhibits, Energy efficient lighting and even flooring options to make a green image at the trades shows. It is the best way to improve your business opportunities and at the same time show your concern towards environment.

Go Green Displays offers Sustainable Banners, Green Pop Up Displays, Green Xpressions and other environment- friendly trade show displays. It provides you world’s first eco-friendly retractable banner stands. Named as the Panda Stand, the sustainable banners are made from renewable resources like bamboo. There are various other factors that make this green banner a perfect choice for environment-friendly businesses. The banner is printed on cotton fabric by using low VOC inks, an eco-friendly printing process and comes with cotton carrying bag too. You can use these sustainable banners to effectively communicate your message as this is portable and thereby allows easy set up and transportation. This unique green banner stand adds value to the organization and makes a good impact on the people.

Go Green Displays also offers you a unique Eco friendly exhibits known as ‘The Glacier Aluminum Extrusion System’. This modular trade show exhibit is constructed with the help of eco-friendly products for example, recycled aluminum frame, fabric made from recycled yarn, bamboo, recycled PET plastic, cardboard for printing graphics. This Eco exhibit can be customized as per your needs and requirements. You can attract large number of people and successfully create a green image of yourself. It also provides Bambooth, another Eco friendly exhibit. This booth frame is durable and is made from a renewable resource. Green Trade show Lighting is another eco-friendly option for your Eco exhibit. Their LED Wallwashers provide quality white light source and consumes less power than traditional means of lighting. They can be used for various lighting applications. Green Trade Show lighting is very durable and does not require special electrical components also.

You can also get Green Trade Show flooring for a complete green trade show booth. The Green Trade Show flooring is made up of shredded and cleaned tire rubber. It uses post consumer waste and is completely recyclable. This flooring is durable and serves as a viable option for trade shows. You can use Green Trade Show Flooring available in variety of colors and patterns to make your booth pleasing and at the same time create a green image.

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