What are Eco Displays?

A large number of companies hold exhibitions to advertise their products and services to their target audiences. Many of them also make the use of eco-friendly displays.

These are very popular displays that help in the conservation of resources and are popularly being used in trade shows and exhibition. During exhibitions and trade shows, a large amount of material is wasted every time. This is why some companies came up with eco-friendly displays. These eco-displays provide with an alternative and helps with the conservation of the environment’s limited resources. The companies now prefer to make use of eco displays to exhibit their merchandise and do their bit to save the environment.

By using eco exhibits you also get to attract more consumers as they are impressed by the company that cares about the environment and the society. This can help you to earn goodwill and can make your booth popular at the trade show.

There are various different types of eco displays or eco exhibits available nowadays. All these eco friendly exhibits make use of renewable, recyclable and environment friendly products like bamboo, recycled pet plastics, eco friendly graphic colors for the eco friendly displays and banners. The eco friendly banners are also made from recycled yarn and raw material.

There are a number of companies that provide you with these green displays and environment safe banners. Some of them also provide customized eco displays that can help you to display your merchandise efficiently.

One of the popular Eco Displays is the Glacier Aluminum Extrusion system, which is made from raw material like recycled aluminum frames, recycled pet plastics, recycled yarn used for the fabric, bamboo, biodegradable foam board and other such materials. You can also opt for the expressions eco display that is easy to set, is light in weight and cost effective. The other options for eco display include Denali Pop up and the Bambooth. The LED lighting used in the Eco Exhibits is also environmental friendly and saves energy.

To learn more about these displays and banners and to order one for your booth at the trade show, you can contact www.gogreendisplays.com. It is one of the best companies that can help you to get good displays at a reasonable price. You can also get eco friendly flooring, banners, and other accessories for the trade show that can be made as per your requirement. You can either purchase these eco displays or get them for rent, which would be much more economical.