Why is Green Banner Stand a Great Banner for Trade show?

The green banner stand or the retractable banner stands are one of the best display stands that can be used in trade shows. It is a well known fact that a lot of raw material is wasted on ordinary banner stands during trade shows, some of which may not be used later. This results in wastage of a lot of natural resources and further exploitation of nature. Therefore, it is better to opt for environmentally friendly banner stands.

The retractable banner stands are made up of natural resources or recycled material that can be used again and are eco friendly. The eco friendly banners are made of material like recycled aluminium, bamboo- which is one of the fastest growing plant, cotton and other such raw materials. These retractable banner stands are light in weight due to which it is easy to carry and set them wherever you want.

The retractable banner stands are not only eco friendly but also attractive. When people see that you have used eco friendly banners in the trade show, it would give them the impression that your company is vigilant towards the environment. This helps in creating a preferable brand image and attracts more people to the company.

For the best quality and design of Eco Friendly Banner Stand, you can log on to gogreendisplays.com. The website has a range of different types of display units that includes flooring and banner stands. If you are specifically looking for retractable banner stands then you can take your pick from Panda stand, Panda L stand and the Teton stand.

The Panda retractable Banner Stands constitute of 90 % natural material, i.e. bamboo. The printing process that is used on the stand is 100 % natural and environment friendly. These environmentally friendly banner stands are durable and comes in padded cotton bags that are also eco friendly.

The Panda L retractable banner stands are like the Panda displays but the only difference is that former constitutes of 100% natural resources. These banners are very light in weight and enjoy a good life. They are strong and durable and are perfect for trade shows.

The Teton banner stands, that are available with the website is not only cheaper and environment friendly, but also makes use of LED lighting that is energy efficient. The printing process used for these environmentally friendly banner stands or the eco friendly banner stands is also natural and thus, helps in conserving environment. To know more about these retractable banner stands, log on to gogreendisplays.