The Peacock

The First Eco-Friendly Step-n-Repeat

Your red carpet could be green. The venerable step-n-repeat is the ultimate one-time use display. Instead of simply sending your backdrop to the land fill after your next event, think Peacock, the first eco-friendly step-n-repeat system.

We have re-engineered the step-n-repeat to be more environmentally friendly, utilizing fabric that is composed of 60% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. We print using a low VOC emission printing process. And best of all, at the end of the event, just ship your step-n-repeat back to us and we will recycle it!

You don’t have to compromise to deliver a green alternative to traditional backdrops

  • Print in standard 7ft x 10ft or 10ft x 25ft sizes
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Available nationwide
  • Fabric ships easily anywhere
  • Camera flashes will not reflect on our fabric step and repeats
  • Finish your prints with pole pockets or grommets
  • Own or rent a pole system to hold your step and repeat
  • Eco-friendly banner stands are available
  • No layout charges for single logo step-n-repeats
  • We can also deliver step-n-repeat boards to events in the New York area printed on biodegradable alternatives to Gator